I Did Not Eat a Cupcake Today. Let Alone Four!

Something made me really angry today. The details don’t matter (except to me, I suppose) but I was angry and upset and frustrated by my inability to do much about it. I told the person whose behavior triggered those feelings, then hit the road to run errands.

I realized, while driving, that I was thinking about buttercream frosting.

photo courtesy rosebengal from Flickr

You’ve heard the higher the hair, the closer to God, right? Well, for me, when it comes to buttercream, the higher the frosting, the closer to divine. I think of cupcakes as a delivery system for the frosting. I’m as likely to leave a cupcake stump behind as to eat it.

I must confess that, in times of anger, sadness, or even boredom, I have eaten more than one cupcake in a sitting. As many as four, actually. This, as they say, is why I am fat.

I wanted to do something constructive, so, after going to the gym (yea, me!), I calculated the nutritional information for Martha Stewart’s basic buttercream recipe: 3 sticks of butter + 1 box powdered sugar to yield 4 cups frosting.

Assuming 1/4 c. of frosting per cupcake, which is a reasonable assumption if you look at cupcakes these days, polishing off four of those gave me 1,045 worth of calories in the frosting alone. Not to mention 113 g. of carbohydrates and 69 g. of fat.

Considering that when I’m not exercising, I need only about 1,350 to 1,400 calories just to maintain my weight, those cupcake binges were clearly helping me build a pretty big wall between me and better health.

So, today, I did not eat a cupcake. I did not eat four. I tried to exercise and get the hurt out of my system, and I sat down to examine exactly how harmful eating those cupcakes would be as far as my weight loss and better health goals go.

Now, I think I will go buy myself flowers as a gift for dealing with this without eating a day’s worth of calories in cupcakes and frosting.

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3 Responses to I Did Not Eat a Cupcake Today. Let Alone Four!

  1. Hooray for YOU! I just wrote a post about what a textbook emotional eater I am, and I’m still struggling with the junkfood hangover that resulted from three solid DAYS of stuffing myself with sweet and salty baked and fried whatever. You earned those flowers, lady!

    • Andie says:

      Thanks for stopping by – I was hoping to post a picture of the beautiful flowers I got, but I’ve now been to 4 stores/shops, and decided that the end of the weekend is the wrong time to buy flowers. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday – I want to get some that I’ll love, not some on the brink of dropping petals. Because what message does nearly-dead flowers send? 😉

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