New Bad Habits

Well, I still haven’t bought myself the cupcake-replacement flowers. I believe that it is just not the season for any flowers I truly love, and that it is too bloody hot to even consider buying a plant for outdoors.

Also, frankly, I’m cheap. I just don’t like to spend money.

I was always able to spend money on food, but I’m trying to break the habit of using food as a reward, treat, or consolation prize.

Since flowers are out, I asked a friend to go shoe shopping tonight. She got a pair, but I simply could not find any that were special enough, or comfortable enough, or I’d-wear-those-daily-enough.

Oddly, the one place I’ve not been having trouble spending money is charity thrift stores. For a couple of months, I was on a regular circuit of hitting two particularly good ones three and four times a week. I only buy decorative things, however, not used shoes.

I don’t want to replace one bad habit—eating to push the emotions way down deep—with another bad one (i.e. compulsive shopping), but I did wake up in the middle of the night & hit the internet. I finally ordered a pair of the Spanish shoes I’ve been coveting. It is my congrats, you’re about the cross the 200-pound mark celebration.

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2 Responses to New Bad Habits

  1. I want those shoes. I really, really, really want those shoes.

    • Andie says:

      I had to get ones that were all-black – they were out of the ones I put up – but I’m going to start calling their retail stores once I figure out which size fits me & see if I can get the turquoise laces. I almost never wear heels, but … Glad to get some positive reinforcement for them! Thanks!

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