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Inspired by Laughter

I had a tumultuous morning, unsettled by a couple of emails and issues—nothing major, but I suppose this is going to be one of those times when I can’t just shake it off or resolve a situation as quickly as … Continue reading

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Arghhhhh You Curious About My Lab Results?

No, I haven’t stretched International Talk Like a Pirate Day into a month-long event. Just got lab results back. Some of them, anyway. I do not have h. pylori. I do have a vitamin D deficiency. Hence the pirate. Pirates, … Continue reading

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Weighting for Results

Sorry about the bad pun. I inherited the problem from my dad. Everything else, I seem to have gotten from my mom. I’m waiting for results from my mammogram, but I’m not terribly concerned or focused on that. I’m also … Continue reading

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Facing My Health History

Tomorrow, I’m getting a mammogram. I’m 40, so this is the year that all starts for me as far as traditional recommendations go. This isn’t, however, my first one. My first one came 14 years ago (and yes, I did … Continue reading

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OK, the universe is telling me something. I’ve read at least five different articles this week, all of which addressed grit as a critical trait for success. The articles mentioned grit as the it factor for children whose socioeconomic status … Continue reading

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