100 Amigos

Paul of 224 has created a fantastically fun fitness goal for himself. In a nutshell, he’s going to go on 100 walks in order to take 100 pictures of the 100 iron men that make up an art installation on the coast near Liverpool. You’ll do better to read his description and see his photos than to rely on my brief summary.

I’m thinking that we (you know, all of us blogging about losing weight, and all of us reading about the rest of us blogging about losing weight) should send him things for the various amigos to wear. My shameless promotion meter is swinging between sending something kitschy from Texas or something kitschy from Texas that also has my blog URL on it. 😉

The serious, contemplative person in me wonders if instead, I should send a letter officially donating one of the bad habits I’m working so hard to quit, one of the bad habits that helped me gain this weight, to one of the iron men. Those iron men are strong enough to take my weight, right?

I wish there were some monumental installation I could walk to as a fitness goal. Houston has hundreds of works to consider, but not as many that are human-sized and easily clad in other people’s clothes:

Paul Kittleson, Disappearing Gnomes. Photo courtesy of cybertoad via Flickr.

Or, at the other end of the size spectrum, David Addick’s presidential busts, although I’m not sure they are still at the studio site shown in this image:

Presidents' heads by David Addicks. Photo by Yaya Dada via Flickr.

So, I’ll settle for supporting Paul in his goal rather than trying to concoct a similar goal. What a great feeling it will be when he saunters up to that 100th iron man, right?!

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One Response to 100 Amigos

  1. paulbentley says:

    Thanks for this. Yes please, do send me something, anything. I will most certainly give your blog a mention!!!!

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