A Report on the Pie Plan of Action

I did not obsessively take small steps or anything yesterday, but tried to just go normally through the day. Here’s a log of my stops and steps—I wrote it as I went through the day Thursday, but am going to set it up to publish Friday so I’m not publishing multiple times in one day. If the tenses/days switch, that’s why:

  • 807    Puttering about the house
  • 1277   After quick trip to grocery store
  • 1664  After strategic strike on a thrift store
  • 1771   After visiting the post office box

Back home for a Fitbit sync, and my current pie chart of daily activities is 50% lightly active. So far, so good, but I’m going to have to crank at the gym and make it out tonight.

  • 2654  After puttering around the house
  • 7149   After the 30-minute workout at the Y
  • 9883  After the round-trip to the zydeco show downtown
  • 10,024 As I type this!

I do find it typical/hilarious/a wee bit frustrating that my 33 minutes of exercise at the gym shows up as 17 minutes of very active and 16 minutes of fairly active, but whatever. This is clearly the best day I’ve had so far while tracking, and probably one of my top days for just plain movement in quite some time.

I’m tired, as you might expect. I had 100 extra calories of cheese/protein today, but I may have one more meal, because with all of the moving around, my net calories for the day are just 304, and that seems really low. If I don’t see the scale move down for a couple of days, that will be why. No need to rush—if it turns out I need more calories before I can regularly rack up 10,000 steps, so be it.

But tonight, it feels good!

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One Response to A Report on the Pie Plan of Action

  1. How awesome is that! I did some damage to my knee running hills, last week, so I’ve been slacking all week. You’ve motivated me to get my butt in gear 🙂

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