In The End, No Big Deal

After all of my hand-wringing over having to darken the doorstep of a bakery to procure dessert for this past weekend’s dinner party, it all went fine.

I came home, popped the 2 cakes in the fridge (because it has gotten ungodly hot again here), and ignored them until it was time to take them to dinner. By the time I get to the dinner time of day, I’m usually feeling pretty full, so I wasn’t terribly tempted by seeing the cakes. I did, however, when one person suggested we put them on the table as the centerpieces, ask that we just keep them on the sideboard. Because I didn’t want to stare at this for the whole three hours:

I am down to 199. Why on earth would I want to sabotage three and a half months of hard work for the fleeting sensation of eating cake?

I came across a blog posting on the Harvard Business Review website, Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, that seemed to be less about business and more about personal health and losing weight. Maybe that’s that’s just my filter these days.

The list wouldn’t surprise you, I bet: set measurable goals, have a specific plan, know what point you need to reach (i.e. define success), exercise your will power, but don’t rely on it all the time, etc. The ones that caught my eye:

  • Focus on getting better, not on being good. Believe that you can change and improve, and take pride in the journey.
  • Have grit. Have the guts to commit to a tough, long-term goal.
  • Focus on the good habits you want to develop rather than focusing on not doing the bad habits you want to quit.

Check out the blog for more details and a more eloquent statement of those bullets, especially the last one.

I’m getting excited to transition back to food, so I found it helpful to meditate for a bit on that last point, thinking about the good eating habits I want to develop. More to come.

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