One Plus to Being a Plus Size

I didn’t have to worry about getting in line at 6 in the morning, or refreshing my web browser every 5 minutes all night long, to get a piece of Missoni for Target. They don’t make it in plus sizes.

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2 Responses to One Plus to Being a Plus Size

  1. Janet says:

    Ha, I know that feeling. Sometimes I just window shop, as in online. šŸ˜‰ I can do that for hours and end up buying nothing because I size does matter. *lol*
    Anyway, keep it up

  2. TresLaLa says:

    Ummm, good. Based on that one-piece monstrosity, I don’t want it… Hahaha! Those pants are a hot mess! I don’t really understand this: high fashion is supposed to be expensive. Not everyone is supposed to have it. That’s what makes it valuable. Even if it’s ugly. So, if everyone has it, but it’s still ugly, I think that just makes them idiots… My $0.02

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