I know I’m not the only one juggling this whole situation – keeping this blog secret from friends / putting it out there on the absolutely, positively, as-public-as-public gets internet.

Well, busted. I just commented on a friend’s blog, a blog where I usually comment using my other WordPress blog identity. I failed to notice that this blog’s info was the auto-fill.

Cue the mad round of Facebook and Twitter messages asking her to deletedeletedelete the original comment. I reposted it as my second self, which could really just serve to out me farther if she approves the first post.

Le sigh, as a certain cartoon skunk used to say.

There are far bigger things to worry about, and this is probably a lesson in giving up trying to control what you can’t control. Plus, as I close in on the next weight loss milestone (40 pounds gone will probably come some time in the first half of October), it will be harder for the people I know not to notice that I’m losing weight.

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One Response to Busted!

  1. Been there. One of my clients stumbled across my blog last year, and there was more than a little ensuing uncomfortableness. I should’ve known I would be found out, eventually. But, still! I feel your pain. And they will absolutely notice your weight loss very soon!

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