Wow! The Scale Noticed I’ve Lost Weight!

I’ve had a four or five day plateau, which, in the world of weight loss, is fairly normal. In the 800-calorie-a-day alternate universe I’ve been living in (and remember, kids, this is medically-monitored and not just something I’m winging, so don’t try this at home!), however, I’ve been averaging a 2.7 pound loss per week, so I was beginning to get a bit anxious.

Well, the scale finally budged. Not content to actually give me a number, it paid me what I took to be a high compliment, pointing out that by crossing the 36 pounds lost mark, my weight could now officially be called:

It took me getting on and off twice to realize that the scale was not, in fact, commenting on my new low weight, but was in fact indicating that it would like, after 8+ years, a new battery.

Still, 36 pounds gone!

Apparently, the weight loss has all been in brain cells. I had a moment of panic when I realized that taking out the battery would probably re-set the memory. Once I flipped over the scale, I realized that a) the instructions for setting up the memory button on the scale were printed on the back of it, and b) that I record my weight daily in about 3 different places, so when I weight myself tomorrow, I won’t have lost any data.

It occurs to me as I type that if I bought one of those fancy wi-fi scales, I could probably cut back on some of the duplicate logging I do (weight tracker, Lose It, Fitbit, widget on the blog). In the spirit of The Valentine 4, however, I’m just going to stick with what I’ve got. We’ve had this scale for this long, and the only thing I’ve had to replace is a tiny 3V battery—which I can recycle. No need to spend the money and resources to get a scale that does what I can do in about 2 minutes on the internet.

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One Response to Wow! The Scale Noticed I’ve Lost Weight!

  1. WOOOT!!!! Happy 36 pounds, lady!

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