Is This Why? Yet Another Weight Loss Study

The New York Times has an article today titled Why Even Resolute Dieters Often Fail.

Well, hell, even though that seems to be true, it wasn’t the headline I wanted to see this morning. I’ll sum it up for you, but keep in mind, this is an early morning first read. Exercise matters, as does limiting calorie intake, but it is unclear at what point and to what extent each matters and how their relative effectiveness changes over time.

There, helpful, isn’t it?

Best to read the article and draw your own conclusions. What I find ultimately frustrating about most studies about weight loss, and articles summarizing those studies is the fact that they talk about exercise and diet (both calories and proportions of fat/protein/carbs), but rarely talk about the deeper emotional and intellectual issues we’re all wrapped up in while we’re trying to lose weight and trying to keep it off.

That, of course, is because you can’t do a double-blind study of emotional sabotage, the tension between food as love and food as the enemy, and the mental effect of a pair of jeans fitting loosely or tightly. You can have the perfect balance of carefully planned meals and regularly-scheduled exercise and then, a parent dies, or a spouse loses a job, or a dream vacation finally happens.

When they can do a study that shows me how to manage all of that with a nifty iPhone app, I’ll really be set! 😉

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