Gut Check

I’ve lost 36 pounds. I wore pants yesterday that were objectively too big. I figured it was time to do a little closet-shopping.

While the days of 3-digit temperatures finally seem behind us, it is still too hot for me to go in the attic, where I believe I have a couple of big plastic tubs full of clothes. Plus, I’m not entirely sure the attic is animal-free at the moment, but that’s a whole ‘nother story and I’m just pretending it is someone else’s story for the time being.

I went into five plastic tubs of clothes in my closet, and dug way to the back of the hanging items. I found a great royal purple dress with a a matching long jacket that will be great for work meetings, but I already have grey and black flannel dresses with jackets for work meetings, and a dearth of work meetings that require that level of sartorial commitment.

I found all of my size 14 shirts that I love, but I’m not there yet. I found a couple of size 16s, and I’m much closer to those. Like, 5 pounds plus a good minimizer bra from those! 😉

Pants—different story. When I titled this post gut check, I meant, check, I still have a gut. As my smaller pants proved to me when I couldn’t zip them up. Ugh.

I think I’ve got some lightweight wool pants that will work for work situations. Other than that, I’ve got a bunch of pants that are between 10 and 15 pounds away, and a bunch of pants that I’ll have to wash in hot water so they will shrink a bit to fit.

I had to stop closet-shopping when, after pulling out sweaters to dry-clean for our trip to New England next month (yea! fall weather!), I started sneezing. I had stirred up too much dust, and had to retreat from the house. Leaving home saved me from becoming too focused on my lack of Goldilocks pants (you know—not too big, not too small, but just right).

I’m not a big shopper, so I guess I’ll be wearing the same 3 pairs of pants over and over, washing them constantly to keep them fitting well. There are FAR worse problems to have.

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7 Responses to Gut Check

  1. Rochelle says:

    My closet is also begging for me to drop pounds so I can start wearing all of the stuff I have hanging in it. It’s kind of fun when you can get back into stuff – I just hope by the time I can all of it won’t look outdated!

    • Andie says:

      I’m afraid that given my taste in clothes, mine looked outdated as soon as I bought them. I do like fitting into favorite things from long ago. I actually have a few things I bought the last time I lost weight that I never wore – those I’m really looking forward to.

  2. I went through my own closets recently. I will be posting about it next week. I finally gave up the pants that are too big and, sadly, several that are too small. My waist is just never going to be the size it once was:( I’m not a big shopper either but was thrilled to find some new ones that fit AND I had coupons!

    • Andie says:

      Good for you for getting rid of things at both ends of the size spectrum. I think I have a black ultrasuede suit from the early 90s that may need to be put in the I’ll never be that size again and that is OK pile. I’m not giving up on my Brooks Brothers suit, although there may be a moth issue …

  3. Oh, how I hate shopping! I would do the same – keep washing the clothes that fit, just because you know you’ll be in to the next size down soon enough. There are far worse problems, that’s true. Hooray for YOU!!!

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