OK, the universe is telling me something. I’ve read at least five different articles this week, all of which addressed grit as a critical trait for success. The articles mentioned grit as the it factor for children whose socioeconomic status might otherwise prevent them from attaining academic success, for business leaders facing tough times, and for athletes overcoming serious injuries, among other things.

So, via a link I got through Fat Girl vs. World on I Go Through Life in Inches and Pounds, I ended up taking a quick magazine grit test. I’m about half-gritty, it turns out. But never fear, grit can be learned.

It is about setting long-term goals and then staying focused while you work to achieve them.

I’ve been going to the gym at least every other day. That is one of the concrete steps I’m taking as I work toward my goal of leading a healthier life at a lower weight.

I worked out Wednesday. I skipped Thursday. Friday, I woke up and felt dreadful. Instead of working out, I went to the nutritionist (she is amazing) and we kicked off some tests that may or may not help explain why I have been feeling awful, because I can’t just have days that I spend 2-3 hours in bed for too much longer without going batty. Since I gave blood for all of the tests, and still felt awful, I skipped the gym. I also scheduled a massage for myself an hour and fifteen minutes from now.

I just sent someone an email saying I’d be going to the gym pre-massage as long as my clothes finished in the dryer in time.

That’s bullshit. I realized that after I took the grit test and only scored 2.6 (on a scale of 1 to 5).

I am going to the gym while those clothes are still in the dryer or I will run out of time. I don’t need special clothes to work out, I simply need to GO and MOVE. My wrinkled khaki shorts will be fine. I’ll still look fancier (and be slower, no doubt) than house-dress workout woman. I can’t let laundry be the reason I miss exercising for 3 days in a row.

Onward to exercise my grit muscle. I believe it is located near my abs. 😉

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