A Food Reward for Reaching 40 Pounds Gone

Well, OK, not really a food reward, as that would be particularly counterproductive right now, but decidedly food-related.

I love to cook, but I especially love to bake. I’m going to need to shift from less baking (cakes and pies, you will become birthday and holiday treats and not regular kitchen denizens) to more cooking, and especially more veggie prep.

In honor of losing forty pounds (41, actually!), and to set myself up for success eating more fresh vegetables, I finally pulled the trigger on this little number:

Don’t tell me I don’t know how to celebrate!

I desperately wanted to get another massage, but I was slicing zucchini this morning and realized that my $15 hand-held sharpener was not cutting it. If I’m going to cook all of the time, I want to optimize my tools.

Now, I have a chef’s knife that can cut a tomato, although I have a tomato knife I’d use for that, but I could, if I wanted, use the chef’s knife, as it is now razor sharp.

Yes, I have a kitchen tool fetish, please don’t gawk, it’s just my nature.

I was going to get a super-duper kitchen scale, but I already have two mechanical ones, i.e. ones that don’t require batteries, and I just didn’t want to junk up the place with another machine I’d have to maintain. I’ll keep using my regular old scales, and maybe see if I can pick up a third, bigger vintage one in a thrift shop one day.

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3 Responses to A Food Reward for Reaching 40 Pounds Gone

  1. Good think you told me what it is because I had no idea! We actually need new knives. We’ve had them sharpened a few times but they are decades old and were probably not good ones to begin with.

    • Andie says:

      I made my mom buy new ones at our summer house when I couldn’t slice a carrot the last time we were up there together. She agreed it was worth not having to pay to reattach someone’s finger. Figured I better practice what I preach. I’m going to take it over to her house so she can sharpen there, too. I’m just a fool for a good gadget.

  2. Rochelle says:

    We are kitchen tool junkies here as well! Nothing better than a sharp knife for cutting veggies. Enjoy that new gift to yourself (and to your health).

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