Working Out & Emotional Eating

Since we do not have cable at home, I catch up on crime shows at the gym while I”m on the cardio machines. Lately, I’ve been hitting during an NCIS time slot. While I love Law & Order, I’m kind of grooving to NCIS, because the show shows up better on the screen—I don’t know if it is lighting, contrast, age of the reruns, or what, but wow, it is often really dark on Law & Order. Or, I’m hitting at a different time of day with a different angle of reflection of light through the window … anyway, I’m enjoying NCIS.

I get commercials, of course, and two have gotten under my skin.

Arby’s has a tagline: good mood food. And some of the sugar cereals, I believe Lucky Charms and 2 others, are grouped in a commercial with a modified version of Yummy Yummy Yummy as the soundtrack. As in “Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy,” the bubblegum pop classic first recorded by the Ohio Express.

Food is love. Food will put you in a good mood. You deserve a break today.

I love that I get a chance to meditate on emotional eating while I’m tackling my aerobic exercise requirement for the day. /sarcasm

I’ve found a great replacement for the stupid Arby’s slogan. This blog actually does showcase some good mood food! I’m going to close my eyes and picture it every time that damn commercial comes on the screen.

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5 Responses to Working Out & Emotional Eating

  1. I know. How dare they use such a slogan? And have you seen the latest McDonald’s commercials? Everyone they cast is thin and some people literally do backflips. For real? hahaha

    I don’t know what it is about those damn cardio screens, but they are never at the right angle for me to see really well either — usually too dark. Oh well,I guess we’re there to exercise. Though, I do love catching up on some guilty pleasures that I don’t watch at home! haha

    • Andie says:

      McDonald’s commercials – beautiful people having wonderful meals with sparkling conversations and a hint of love in the air. McDonald’s reality – hurried, harried people who look like they want to be elsewhere.

  2. J. says:

    10+ years ago, I was kinda sad when all the commercials were dot-com commercials and they had chased everything off the air. Kinda miss it now. But then again, I just stopped watching TV instead. I something gets rave reviews, I catch it off rental after.

  3. nikkianne says:

    Wow! Such a good website – thanks for sharing it!

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