Traveling Healthy

As I got ready last week for our trip to parts north, I realized my packing list would need to include, in addition to the usual underwear, long underwear, socks, gloves, scarves, and such, all of the accoutrements of my weight loss regime. That includes not just the usual trappings of technology (cords and charges for everything, including the Fitbit), but all of my vitamins, fiber, etc., not to mention my protein shakes, shakers, and empty water bottles for eating while en route.

I packed exercise clothes, too, which reflects good intentions but not reality. I’m regularly hitting step counts in the 7,000 to 9,000 range daily, but on this trip, those numbers plummeted. We’re talking the 1,500 to 3,000 range most days.


First, we spent a couple of days at our summer cabin. This is northern New England we’re talking about, an old cabin on a small island on a big lake, not winterized. Outdoor shower, even. We huddled in front of the fire, unable to do much but stoke the flames. I tried to work, but that was as futile as exercise, as it was too cold to type.

Could I have walked outside? Probably, but it was drizzling hard little pellets of ice-rain, and my blood has thinned. I’m a weather wimp, and I didn’t bring the right clothes. Cotton sweaters don’t do diddly against a the opening gusts of a nor’easter. I used to know that.

Oh, yes, then we got hit by the storm. We retreated to my brother’s house and watched almost 10 inches of snow fall overnight. Wet, heavy snow. Snow that did not melt the next day, even when the bright sun warmed things up to the high 30s. Snow that hadn’t melted days later when we left. I’m thinking they are stuck with that snow for the rest of the winter.

I had resigned myself to not exercising and possibly gaining weight, although I was at least conscientious about sticking to my eating plan. I was angry at myself, but I kept remembering how many fellow bloggers have either deliberately taken time off from the gym to rest and re-charge, or been forced to rest by illness, so I decided to give myself a break on feeling too badly about it.

We arrived at the airport to head home, but had a rather long wait before the flight. I was about to settle in to check up on the interwebz when I realized that I could actually exercise. Novel idea! It had never dawned on me that walking would be an excellent way to burn up time before flights.

I took a quick spin from one end of the terminal to the other, racking up 2,000+ steps. (Small airport!) A nice security guard let me go up and down the stairs to baggage claim to get some extra fat-burning going. Terminal end to terminal end, touch the wall, do 2 “laps” up and down the stairs, then back again, twice.

I’m glad I brought my Fitbit so I could track my distance, and proud that I went for a power walk instead of just sitting around waiting for time to pass. It made the 4+ hours of flying go much faster. Even during our 1-hour layover between connecting flights, I did a few quick laps in Cleveland. Hello, Cleveland!

FYI on Fitbits and airport security: I googled before leaving and found that several people have had no trouble going through airport security with their device attached. Well, I didn’t make it through. They made me take it off and run it through the machine.

I have worked hard to just suck it up and step on the scale each day. We got home at midnight, went straight to bed, and before I realized what I was doing the next morning, I was on the scale.

Down 2.5 pounds! That was yesterday. Today, those 2.5 still gone. Woot!

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4 Responses to Traveling Healthy

  1. Rochelle says:

    Hello? AWESOME!!! And as for the snow – although no one wanted to see it in October, the cold does make your body burn more calories! Good for you for finding motivation to get in exercise when you could have said, “Fuhgedaboutit”….You are obviously forming some excellent habits!

  2. Go you – impressed by your airport walking. As Rochelle says sounds like you’re forming great habits.

  3. nikkianne says:

    You are awesome! I probably wouldn’t even have thought of doing laps at the airport!

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