Fall Back, Pushing Forward

Confession—I’ve only made it to the gym ONCE since we got back in town Tuesday. And, I’ve only taken two dog walks. Time to kick it back into gear quickly. We lost an hour this morning. I don’t want to lose my momentum.

You have my permission to say tsk tsk tomorrow if I don’t report back that I did a great workout today.

Now, I did carry some very heavy equipment up and down stairs, and stay on my feet working late two nights in a row, so I haven’t been snow-storm sedentary like I was while we were out of town. But still, I’m clearly dropping the ball.

At least I didn’t drop the pumpkin. This past week, as we all sat down for our group meeting at the doctor’s office, the nutritionist entered the room with a pumpkin. I thought she was just trying to remember to take it home, but she had other plans.

While we had our opening check-in conversation, she passed it around so we could use it like a medicine ball. Squat down, up over the head, tense your core and twist side to side, then hand it to the next person. I had on a dress, instead of my usual gym clothes, so I did extra side-to-sides instead of the squats. It just seemed prudent to modify.

It wasn’t the main focus of our conversation, but we did talk about working extra movement into our day. The nutritionist has ankle and wrist weights she sometimes wears while watching TV, working, or walking. One classmate shuffles from side to side instead of standing still when she is doing the part of her job that requires her to stand up for a period of time.

It doesn’t really rise to the level of exercise, because you don’t need special shoes and you probably won’t sweat, but it helps.

This is why I am addicted to my Fitbit pedometer-on-steroids. Even when I don’t go to the gym, I have a gauge of how active I’ve been. All I did exercise-wise yesterday was take the dogs on a walk, but with all of the other cleaning and home repairs I did, I went 7,500 steps over the course of the day, which is better than some days I’ve had lately.

I am two pounds away from losing 50 pounds. I already ordered the reward I set for myself for reaching that milestone, in fact, and got the email that the order has shipped. I can do this. I’m not going to open that package until I do!

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4 Responses to Fall Back, Pushing Forward

  1. I’m smiling as I imagine you eagerly opening that package:)

  2. Shonnie says:

    Congrats on the 50 pounds (I am cheering with you in advance)!!! WTG on the improvement of your movement–makes life fun when we move. I am gonna have to check out the fibit thing… well I actually just looked at it …but I need to do it when I am more awake and can really understand what it does. 😀

    • Andie says:

      About 3 weeks after I got my Fitbit, they upgraded it, so it now does wacky things like calculate not only how many steps you’ve taken, but how many were stairs/hills. The data I rely upon most is simply the step count, which I could get from a cheaper device, but I like how slim this one is (I’ve worn it on my bra, and on my underwear underneath dressy dresses) and that it syncs with the computer so I don’t have to remember to write data down.

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