Tipping the Balance

Well, that was quite a day!

I’m lucky that Tuesday happened Tuesday instead of Monday.

Trying to shake things up and build up my positive energy and endorphins from exercise, I hit the gym earlier in the day than usual. I arrived just after 8 a.m., with the morning strivers already leaving, delighted to find that Law & Order starts that early on cable. I should have known it’d be there. After 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer, which has been my cardio of choice for a couple of months, I decided to try the Expresso bikes.

These bikes seem pretty cool. They are structurally similar to the bikes used in spin classes, except their handlebars are more like mountain bike bars and they have a video screen attached.

You select a ride through some scenic terrain and can set pace bikes to keep you moving, or get the ghost of a past ride of your own (because the system tracks your time) so you can try to beat yourself. I think you can even do a group ride if several people log in at once. I haven’t fully figured out the controls, but I suspect that when you encounter hills or bumps, you have to respond accordingly with gear shifting and such.

I’ve been wanting to spin, but frankly, I’m scared. Riding is the activity that has sent me to the emergency room for three out of my four epic dehydration episodes. Granted, that was riding outdoors, but the fact is that spinning makes me sweat like no other exercise, and that makes me nervous, since “just don’t sweat” was the advice I was given by the doctors who couldn’t really give me any explanation for what I was going through.

I realize that “just don’t sweat” is neither sophisticated nor practical medical advice for someone living in semi-tropical, high humidity Houston. Trust me, it isn’t a vanity issue. I don’t mind sweating, and I don’t worry about how I look doing it or what my hair looks like, or whether I smell. I worry about triggering the potassium and sodium dump that could send me to the hospital again.

So, that’s a fair amount of baggage to take onto the bike!

I got on, though, and I rode the Redwood Dash 1.5 mile loop. I went through once, then went an extra .5 miles. Kind of fun, and nothing bad happened to me, so I’m going to try to work this into my schedule and built up to some tougher, longer rides.

I felt great. I had a meeting with a client that got me super-charged and excited. I was productive for a few hours in the afternoon, but just as I was settling down to tackle the big tasks that have been overwhelming me, BAM.

The bank called. Could I verify the 4-figure check from my account that somebody was trying to cash in a state 1,500 miles away?

Um, how about HELL NO.

So, we jumped in the car and hit the bank, closing our account. This took some time, as we had to make sure all of the outstanding checks were accounted for and confirm the most recent debits against it. Before we left, I also went to two of the three credit reporting agencies to put a fraud notice on our account. Seemed prudent, and it gave me some comfort to do it.

We were having a dinner guest, and now had only a small window to get ready for her arrival, but I did not let that stop me from focusing on my health. I took the big dog for a quick walk (little dog still has a bum nail so can’t walk on pavement – she is bouncing off walls) to get myself up to 9,300 steps for the day. Sure, that meant that I had a few piles of winter coats and paperwork out in the living room when she arrived, but that’s not what matters.

We had a delightful dinner of roasted wild-caught sockeye salmon, a salad of zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, and parsley, and rice for my husband and dinner guest. They had wine, I had water. As we lingered, solving the problems of the world, our phone started ringing.

Out of state number. During election season, we get plenty out of state calls which I generally ignore, but the polls were closed. Something told me to answer this one. A very kind person called, from a completely different state, to ask why we’d sent her such a generous check. Wow. An hour later, a third call came in from a check-cashing place. Same story as the first call from the bank. Something didn’t seem right, so they googled us to confirm. I guess I’m both scared and glad we were so easy to track down.

We called the credit card company to alert them, just in case, even though our cards didn’t seem to be involved. We then called the police, expecting to be told to call back today during business hours to file a report. I almost didn’t call but needed to feel like I was doing something.

Two officers showed up on our porch at almost 11 pm to take our report! I feel a little guilty that they weren’t out dealing with more immediate crimes, but they assured me this was something that the police take very seriously.

I’m up now to start making a new round of calls and reports to various agencies and financial institutions now that I have a police report number.

Keep your fingers crossed that we’ve nipped this in the bud and are dealing with incompetent fraudsters instead of criminal masterminds.

Had this happened on Monday, it would have knocked me out. Just one day of good exercise, though, and probably the power of some positive thinking (or at least fervent hoping that things would turn around) made such a difference in how I was able to cope with all of this. I hope the curtain doesn’t drop over my mood again today. I know that because of some stuff coming up that the next week or so will be tough. But I’m just feeling really lucky that Tuesday was Tuesday.

And, I’ve got 1 pound to go to get to 50 pounds down.

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2 Responses to Tipping the Balance

  1. heavyevan says:

    Hang in there Andie! Hope everything is taken care of and I am sorry that happened to you.

    I will have to try and find a gym around here that has those bikes. That sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. J. says:

    bikes sound great, sorry about the fraud.

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