Putting on My Big Girl Pants (In a Smaller Size)

Fabulous blog post from A lovely project yesterday. Here’s one line (of many, actually) that jumped up off the screen to get my attention:

Most of my choices really are motivated by what’s going to happen later, rather than what I want now, which I think officially makes me a grown up.  Or something.

Well, that pretty much triggered an aha moment of epic proportions.

I make pretty much all of my major life choices based upon long-term goals except when it comes to eating. Until getting this plan underway this summer, I would block out the future—forget about next summer at the beach, I wouldn’t even think about fitting into my jeans tomorrow—when it came to making extraordinarily bad choices with food.

Was I giving free reign to my id when it came to food, giving myself a break from all of the other decisions guided by ego? Was I rewarding myself for depriving myself of a new car, or always putting money in my retirement account, by indulging in butter cream frosted treats?

This lifestyle change, new way of eating, adoption of healthier habits, whatever you want to call it, is really about me putting on my big girl pants and approaching my own health the way I approach my financial security, career goal-setting, and all of those other grown-up decisions I tackle so responsibly. I’m investing in my health as aggressively as I’m saving for retirement; and I’m diversifying my portfolio by both changing what I eat and incorporating a range of exercises and active behaviors into my day.

I’m so excited that my big girl pants aren’t as big as they once were! Talk about a fantastic ROI!

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4 Responses to Putting on My Big Girl Pants (In a Smaller Size)

  1. nikkianne says:

    Cute analogy. I think what you are saying is really true. We don’t think beyond that cookie sitting in front of us or the craving for something salty. All we think is how much we need it NOW. Not how it will affect our health, weight loss goals or our pants size. 🙂

    Here’s to little Big-girl Pants way of thinking!

  2. Oh – thought provoking! I am almost always in the moment with eating and not thinking long-term.

    • Andie says:

      I know! I agonize over almost every decision I make, but with food, I see it and it is in my mouth. Or I used to. I’m working very hard to break that habit for good.

  3. Shonnie says:

    Very awesome outlook on making the right investment in your health. 😀 Totally agree with you — major return on investment! 😀

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