Drastic Measures

Yesterday, arriving a few minutes early to a meeting, I slid into a seat next to the only person who arrived before me, glad I got to catch up with him as I had some action items to hand off.

He seemed startled, which I took to mean I had caught him unaware, but he then said that he hadn’t even recognized me for a moment as I came toward him, and asked how much weight I’ve lost. He’s someone I like who asked the question in a way that wouldn’t bother you even if you were the kind of person who’d be bothered by such an inquiry. He told me I looked great.

That felt nice!

Talking about it with my husband later, I was feeling really positive, but then did one of those sharp left turns into worst case scenario-world, a world I visit all too often.

I cannot gain weight, I told him. I cannot gain this weight back. I cannot let that happen. If I start to gain weight, you have my permission to lock me in my room until I stop gaining weight.

He asked if he could get that in writing. I assured him that I wouldn’t report him to authorities for holding me against my will, but he told me he wants it in writing so he can show it to me to remind me that I said it.

We laughed pretty hard at that point, which turned my mood back around, and had a nice conversation about what he thinks I’m doing differently this time, and how impressed he is at what I’ve managed to do.

I think before I ask him to lock me in my room at any point in the future, I’ll ask him to replay all of the nice things he said yesterday.

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5 Responses to Drastic Measures

  1. kalima123 says:

    Your husband sounds like my wife: the voice of reason and a great sense of humor. Sure he was quite supportive during your weight loss and obviously will continue to be. Good for you! We all need those kind of people in our lives!

    • Andie says:

      You are right – I wish we ALL had multiple supportive people in our lives. My heart just breaks when I talk to people whose husbands or wives or partners or best friends don’t support them when they’re trying to get their health on track.

  2. Say those nice things to yourself, too. It’s clear even to someone who doesn’t know you personally and has only been around for a little while (me) that you’re focused and determined in a deep and profound way.

  3. Shonnie says:

    Very cute Andie!

    That, “I didn’t even recognize you,” is such a great feeling isn’t it?? I went to a friends house on Monday that I have not seen in the flesh since I first started. She went wild and her mother-in-law, who made the cakes for my daughters wedding and knows me well asked, “This is who I think it is, right?” That was amazing. Her husband came home toward the end of the party and He just stared at me sort of blankly; I think he didn’t know what to say. Cat said, “hey you remember my friend, Shonnie, don’t you?” It is so fun when people celebrate the struggle and victories with you.

    Go ahead, tell your hubby to keep telling you those sweet things everyday. To keep you energized and motivated — don’t wait until you need locking in the closet. 🙂 Giving him a great big kiss too — or anything else you think he deserves for being so sweet. hehehe 😉

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