Didn’t See That Coming

Boy, was I cranky yesterday! I was the crank at the party.

I didn’t go overboard by any means, but I did stray from my eating plan. I had a couple of mindless finger-in-the-batter moments while preparing the pumpkin mousse, and then ate the smallest servings possible of both a cranberry chutney and a cheesy cauliflower dish. I’m not letting myself feel badly about any of it, because in the scheme of things, it was all fine, but I don’t want to pretend it didn’t happen.

In fact, I had been thinking that I would allow myself to have a small slice of carrot cake, which is one I make that always gets raves from people. I had a spoonful of crumbs from the cake plate, but that was enough.

I think my crankiness boiled up because I was so ready for any of the things that could go wrong that, when those snide comments or family issues didn’t come up, I still had all of this ready-to-be-on-the-defensive energy to manage. The vegan who always lectures people on the evils of meat didn’t lecture. The mother who always comments on people’s weight just as they are eating something kept it to herself. The drunks who set my teeth on edge somehow managed to stay in the charming/witty stage without crossing over into boorish.

I’m thankful that none of them bopped me over the nose for being cranky.

I channeled it into washing dishes. I figured that saved everyone from my bad attitude and actually helped with a task that needed to be done.

Because good lord on toast points, we had dishes to be done!

Our Thanksgiving troika carefully planned a menu that would give no one person too much to do, blend together harmoniously in a moderately low-carb way, and leave just enough room on the stove and in the oven for each dish to get the cooking time it needed . . . but we had a late entrant who didn’t get the memo show up with a second entire meal’s worth of food.

I ended up packing my salad back into my cooler for us to eat today, because it seemed silly to waste even more food than what was already going to be wasted.

Even though food was clearly going to be wasted, I resisted the urge to pack any up and bring it home. I also left three-quarters of a carrot cake and 8 ramekins of pumpkin mousse behind to be someone else’s problem.

Now, for my get-back-on-track move of the morning, I’m about to dump the extra bowl of pumpkin mousse into the trash before my husband even finds out it is here, then take the trash to the curb.

I’m realizing that if I don’t take drastic action, I may miss my goal of trying out 3 different group fitness classes this month, so without jinxing myself, I will state that I’ve checked today’s schedule and have a tentative plan. I’ll report back either way.

I’m so thankful for all of your continued support and encouragement and, because I’ve clearly demonstrated that I can still wallow in it now and then, commiseration. Onward!

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2 Responses to Didn’t See That Coming

  1. nikkianne says:

    Good for you and your awesome self-control! You managed to enjoy some treats without going overboard and to not take some home with you. 🙂 You will thank yourself next time you step on a scale

  2. That happens to me sometimes, when my husband and I bring the kids for a family dinner over at either of our parents’ houses. The expectation that something will go wrong – that the kids will behave badly, that back-handed compliments will be exchanged until someone is openly insulted. Our families are actually pretty awesome, but all together in the same place the claws do come out, sometimes. Odd that even when they don’t, the residual tension remains.
    Kudos to you on your self-control! You ROCK, lady!

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