Not Meeting My Goal

It looks like I’m not going to achieve my short-term goal of trying three new group exercise classes in the month of November. I’d feel worse about it if I had not started, and kept on top of, the Couch to 5K training program.

I’m going to give myself a break on this one. I seem to have created some monstrous hurdle in my mind about trying Body Pump, for whatever reason, and the other classes simply aren’t at convenient times or seem uninteresting to me. When I’m ready, they’ll still be there.

Last night was the 2nd day of Week 3 in C25K. Warm-up walk for 5 minutes, jog for 1:30, brisk walk for 1:30, jog for 3:00, brisk walk for 3:00, jog for 1:30, brisk walk for 1:30, jog for 3:00, brisk walk for 3:00, cool-down walk for 5:00. My brisk walks aren’t always quite as brisk as they could be. I also ran too soon after my afternoon yogurt, so felt pretty gross by the end.

At the end of each C25K workout, you can select an emoticon that shows how you are feeling post-run, sort of like the pain scale they show you at the hospital:

Except, of course, you are not supposed to be in any pain. I gave that most recent run the flat-smile/hurts a little more level, kind of a meh level. I’m usually 😀 or :-).

It turns out I’m running harder than I realized (well, maybe), as my new shoes, purchased early this month, had a blow-out. Thanks to the store’s amazing 30-day return policy, I swapped them out, as they really shouldn’t have come apart that quickly.

Cheers to small businesses that are as concerned about getting your business the next time as they are about getting it the first time. Shopping for shoes in Houston? Luke’s Locker. Thanks to the whole team of experts there who made—and continue to make—my entry into the running world easy, comfy, and stylish.

Once I get a good photo, I’ll share, because I’m super-jazzed about the color. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Not Meeting My Goal

  1. nikkianne says:

    Do you have a specific 5k in mind or you’re just doing the C25K for fun?

    • Andie says:

      I have a couple in mind, both next March, but I’ve not registered yet. The one that has its registration page up is just a walk, not a run; the one that is a run doesn’t have its page up yet. But, I will eventually pull the trigger.

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