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Goals for 2012 – Living a Registry Kind of Life

Perspective is everything. Reading The Fat Trap while I was bummed out made me more bummed out. Reading it again while I’ve got some post-exercise endorphins coursing through my brain and this chart in front of me makes me hopeful: … Continue reading

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Focusing on the Long Haul While Craving Chocolate, and Desperately Seeking Leptin

I’m having kind of a tough day as far as food cravings go. I just ate lunch—kale, white beans, chicken andouille sausage, onions, tomatoes, in reasonable proportion to one another—and am contemplating rummaging around in my husband’s office (he’s out … Continue reading

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Turns Out I *Can* Run a 5K

Sometimes, I’m a bit slow to catch onto alternate ways of doing things. At the track, ten laps is a mile. 5K is ~3.1 miles, so 31 laps. So, when I run, I try to count laps. I’ve never managed … Continue reading

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It Was Worth It (Warning: Cake Porn Ahead)

I decided to allow myself to indulge on Christmas eve. We had dinner with a big group of friends, and I just have to observe that I’ve never seen a group of people less interested in dessert. I guess I … Continue reading

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Being Present

Happy Christmas! I ate cake last night, and I enjoyed it. Chocolate buche de noel, filled with mascarpone and shaved chocolate and frosted with chocolate buttercream. Marzipan holly leaves and meringue mushrooms. They looked so real that people had to … Continue reading

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