Started Late But Finished Strong

I had a much busier day than normal. I work from home, so even if paid work isn’t busy, house work always tempts me. Err, ummmmm, I meant to type taunts. But you get the picture.

For the first time since July, I missed my 3 or 4 pm snack/meal. I got to 6 pm and realized I had last eaten at noon, which explained the slight headache.

I was also at only 5,000 steps.

Folks, we’re having one of the ten cold days we get once every few years down on the semi-tropical Gulf coast. My feet were ice blocks, and my legs were sore from yesterday’s Week 4, Day 1 couch to 5K workout. I was brain dead from the work I’d cranked out.

My first thought was that I should make dinner and tell the dogs we were hunkering down until morning. My second thought was that it would probably be OK if I missed a 10K day in December every now and then.

My third thought was to remind my husband I was leaving as I put an empty yogurt container in the recycling stack and struck out for the gym.

I set the elliptical for an easy incline and almost no resistance, plugged in my headphones, flipped to Law & Order, and knocked out another 5K.

I keep telling myself I’m not going to let work get in the way of exercising, and today, I did not let work get in the way of exercising. I added another date to my Double Down December checklist.

I’ve got this.

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2 Responses to Started Late But Finished Strong

  1. Shonnie says:

    That is awesome girl! You rock on! I am totally ready to start my exercising press again. I can hardly wait. We can whine together when we are sore. 😀

    • Andie says:

      I like the notion of a good whine because I’m sore from exercising much better than my old style -whining because I had to exercise at all. 😉

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