Ack – Less Exercise, More Food Dreams

OK, yesterday, I morphed into super-sloth on the movement front. I was about to say exercise front, but I didn’t exercise at all, and in fact, I barely moved.

Sure did check a bunch of items off my to-do list, however, so at least work-wise, I was incredibly productive. But, but dinner, I was only up to 3,000 steps.


My thoughtful husband took me on a forced march around the neighborhood, but I ended yesterday with only 5,400 steps. Then, I dreamt about eating, and safe to say, about binge eating. The dream food this time was large, homemade (though I’ve never made them) jelly donuts. They weren’t regular sized, but more like giant triple-twists, and in my dream, I ate 7 of them before I recognized what I was doing and started to hide the evidence.

Again, it was only dream-eating, not actual eating, but I actually woke up feeling kind of sick to my stomach and with sugar-trembles, the kind you would absolutely have after eating that many giant donuts. I know I’m not really eating in my sleep, because we don’t have anything in the house I could be eating, but still. The brain is a wacky machine, no?

Stress. Specifically, anxiety about two work projects. I have the power to end that stress and anxiety, but I’ve pushed everything back. I can’t delay any longer. I believe that by the end of the day Thursday, I can have both projects substantially completed.

This morning, I’m going to go run as soon as I post this. I’ve planned, instead of trying to finish it all today, a reasonable amount of work for today, tomorrow, and Thursday. I will not be rushed or bullied.

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One Response to Ack – Less Exercise, More Food Dreams

  1. J. says:

    rough dream. sounds like a plan for work.

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