I Cut the Cake

Last night, at a family birthday dinner, I volunteered to cut the cake.

I’m sure my husband was wondering (worrying?) what on earth I was thinking, but here’s the deal. I was seated next to the birthday boy, and I knew that if he cut the cake:

  1. I’d be sitting right next to it, watching him cut it.
  2. He’d cut it really slowly.
  3. I’d have to make a big deal about not taking a piece of cake.

So, noticing it was taking him an undue amount of time to even start the process, I jumped in to take over. I gave him the first piece, and passed other pieces around to various family members. My husband made eye contact and indicated he didn’t want any, either, so I stopped as soon as everyone else had a piece.

I did not leave any frosting on the cake plate. If there was extra frosting hanging out, I scooped it up and put it on the outbound plate, so everyone got their blobs of frosting. I didn’t use my fingers, so I had no reason to lick them.

As soon as that last plate went to the last person, I got up to wash my hands. I walked slowly to the ladies’ room, lingered, checked email, sent a couple of texts, washed my hands a second time, and sauntered back to the table.

My husband had taken the cake so it was in front of him, not me. Good man.

My very sweet sister-in-law exclaimed not once, but twice, about how the frosting from this bakery was her favorite, and soooooo good. I did not waver. I did not taste it.

And, I did not dream about food last night.

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7 Responses to I Cut the Cake

  1. Shonnie says:

    Awesome Job girl! I have done the same thing. I find also it helps to serve in those situations because you are active and moving and people seem to forget after a bit that you aren’t eating. πŸ™‚ Good job on not caving in to pressures. So excited that you had no Food-Mares last night.

  2. kalima123 says:

    Major congrats – took a huge amount of self control! Good for you!

  3. I know how hard that must have been, but what a triumph. Isn’t it great knowing food doesn’t control you? πŸ™‚

  4. You handled the situation like a pro. What a good way to get over it. I will keep it it mind!

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