Oh Yeah, That Felt Good

I set out to celebrate 60 pounds gone. Sixty pounds gone. Sounds nice. I’m 75% of the way to my goal.

To celebrate, I wanted black riding boots.

I also need new cowgirl boots, but I’ve purchased alarming, Santa-red pants for the holidays, so think the equestrian look is the way to go.

I found a great pair, although thanks to my hyper-athletic left calf, I had to leave them to be stretched. We did manage to get them zipped, but doing so cut off circulation to my left foot. The sales associate assures me that stretching will more than take care of that problem.

I also bought some super-discounted skinny corduroy pants. Size 14, baby! Just so I wouldn’t get too high on myself, looking all fine, I did have the distinct pleasure of noting, while I looked into mirror in the exceedingly well-lit dressing room, that I have a super-long hair growing from my chin. A gray one. That none of my friends, nor my darling husband, have pointed out to me.

Glad I can count on my hormones and hair follicles to help me keep it real.

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5 Responses to Oh Yeah, That Felt Good

  1. phat50chick says:

    LOL. Thanks for the Ho Ho Ho today. Loved your post. I think I need to get me one of those pair of boots.

  2. Body Polish says:

    Outfit sounds cute and well deserved!

    I’ll not mention the hair either, LOL!

    • Andie says:

      Those random stray hairs! When I was just out of college, some of the older (but not old) women I worked with warned me about them. I didn’t believe . . . I guess this is why our eyesight starts to go around this time, too. What you can’t see you can’t worry about!

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