The Double Down Check-In

I’ve gotten back on track as far as logging food daily and keeping my water intake up.

I was cranking on the 10,000 steps a day for the first couple of weeks, but have fallen into a pattern of ~8,000 one day, ~12,000 the next. Technically, that averages out, I realize, but I’m going to push to see if I can get the average up in this final week of the year.

Running, frankly, makes the difference. My C25K session last night was warm-up for 5 minutes, jog for 25. Since I didn’t have to worry about interval timing, I left my phone in the locker and went headphone and gadget-free. It worked just fine, although I could have used some rousing music near the end. Still, I’d like to get used to running without music.

I ran a little extra to make sure I hit 25 minutes. The clocks on the track are actually hard to read, as the numbers aren’t centered over the 5-minute hash marks, so while I think I knew what time I started, I made sure to do an extra lap just in case.

I haven’t gotten back to lifting weights, but I did turn in a form at the gym yesterday to start working with a trainer, so at least I’ve gotten that project off the ground. Not very high off the ground, but it is in process at least. They’re doing a year-end special on training sessions, so I’m about to write a big check and commit to it.

I’ve lost 24 pounds, according to the scale at my doctor’s office, since October 1st. I’m at 171 at the moment, and hoping to dip into the 160s before year’s end, which will be quite an accomplishment if I can pull it off.

My knees are going to be the challenge as I build up more endurance on the running front. So far, I’ve had some very basic aches and pains, but nothing sharp and shooting. I’m trying not to pound the ground, but I’m also trying not to over-think the situation. I  don’t want to develop a weird gait that could end up hurting me. It may actually be helpful at some point to do one or two sessions with a running coach just to make sure I can do this for the long haul in the least destructive way.

Christmas day will be an off-day for me on the C25K front, but I’m going to at the very least aim for two long dog walks, and perhaps a quick run through the neighborhood. I did a quick run a few days ago, just down and back three blocks, and liked being out on the streets instead of suspended on the indoor track downtown. Thanks, as ever, to all of my neighbors who so graciously leave their lights on and curtains up.  You have intriguing homes, and I appreciate the chance to peek into them!

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4 Responses to The Double Down Check-In

  1. You have made great progress!

  2. Shonnie says:

    I concur with Karen! WTG! 😀

  3. S.N.S says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog:) And it seems like you are seriously rocking it! Enjoy your day off tomorrow.

    I used to dread running without music but found myself with no other option one night when my battery died. And to my surprise I found out that I much prefer running without tunes. It’s as if music disconnects me from my environment.

    Have a great Christmas and I’m really looking forward to reading about your efforts in 2012:)

    • Andie says:

      And I’m looking forward to reading about your successes in 2012, too! And, have always loved your blog name. A stationery store near us did a new awning when they opened with the -ary ending. It didn’t inspire confidence. 🙂

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