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Kind of Struggling

I’m having a down-energy day. Yesterday afternoon, I got a headache that got worse and worse at the night wore on. The kind that made it difficult to walk, since the action of my foot hitting the ground sent vibrations … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, Protein

We looked at each other last night. Dragging, sniffling, a little bit achy. I didn’t exercise at all for three days in a row. Simply hadn’t had the energy. I could not face chopping one more vegetable, cleaning one more … Continue reading

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The End of Detox Is In Sight

And thank freaking goodness that’s the case! I’m on Day 8! I love Brussels sprouts, but it may be a while before I willingly eat another one. All veggies are now back in the mix, plus fruit and white rice. … Continue reading

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Hardcore Detox Days

Days 5 to 7 are here. Cruciferous veggies; raw, leafy greens; oil and vinegar; and 2 scoops of protein powder four times a day. I threatened last night to only do two days of this instead of three. I’ll see … Continue reading

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Ali’s Raw Tomato Soup

Since we’re focusing on eating tons of fresh vegetables during this detox, we’re trying to be more creative than just eating salads and stir fries. Our fearless (and ever-so-patient) leader, Ali, gave us some recipes to help, and so far, … Continue reading

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