New Year, New Weight Milestone

Good morning and happy new year!

I was excited to get on the scale this morning, which isn’t always the case. Truthfully, I was prepared for a gain, or at least a static reading.

Yesterday, I hit 170.0. Generally, I don’t record tenths of a pound, because a) I don’t want to become too obsessed with slight fluctuations, and b) it seems like the tenths of a pound are almost surely slight fluctuations instead of actual weight gained or lost.

Still, 170.0 on the final day of the year seemed like an important number to note. I was hoping to be in the 160s for the new year.

This morning? 169.8! I probably swallowed that 0.2 in water while brushing my teeth, but still, it felt good.

So, I’m up, focused, happy, and making black eyed pea and collard green soup. Black eyed peas for coins, and greens for cash money. I’ve got a ham hock to toss in to represent progress toward a goal, since pigs move forward when they’re rooting for food. Cornbread represents gold, so I’m hoping like hell the store is open since I just realized I’m out of cornmeal!

I hope we all make progress toward our goals this year—that seems way more important than the coins, cash, and gold.

I’m thinking I’ll run outside today, because the weather is in that sweet spot. I’ve got a 28-minute run on tap courtesy of Couch to 5K. In honor of 169.8, however, I think I’ll round up to 30. I’m looking forward to it!

Hey, now, 2012, let’s go!

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2 Responses to New Year, New Weight Milestone

  1. Oh I wish I’d seen the same motivation on my scale today. I didn’t even do any crazy New Year’s Eve eating. Just felt discouraged to see the number for Jan. 1 not where I had hoped it would be. Sigh. Okay… onward.

    • Andie says:

      Don’t get discouraged! Maybe your body is on the Chinese lunar calendar, so you’ll wake up on January 23rd and the scale will show something a bit more motivational.

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