Today at the Gym

I had my fitness assessment with my new trainer at the gym today. Who doesn’t love getting fat pinched by calipers?

Seriously, it’s a good thing that I’m so on top of my weight and other numbers these days, because all of her measurements were higher than mine. I was fully clothed and had just eaten lunch, after all. It’ll be interesting to compare the numbers in a month’s time, and to compare them to the bio-impedance analysis I do at the doctor’s office to boot.

We did a sit-up and a push-up test. I predicted I’d get 5 push-ups, but actually managed to pull off 11 before … the minute was up? My form deteriorated? I fell off cadence? I’m not sure the measure, but wasn’t worried about it.

I’m excited to get going. Next week, we’re doing an actual work-out. I’ve got 6 days to get myself ready.

While waiting for the trainer in the reception area, an older woman ambled over and started talking to me about her weak heart. She was moving slowly and feeling crummy. I asked her if it was the recent cold snap causing her to feel badly. She shared that her doctor said she’d probably feel better if she lost weight.

I saw an opening: “I’ve just lost 67 pounds,” I told her.

I didn’t want praise, or really to talk about myself at all, but I was hoping it might help her see that it can be done.

She just kept on going with her litany of woe. I’m not sure she really heard me.

My heart went out to her. Old, carrying several bags, a cane or crutch … she may not be in a place emotionally or financially or otherwise-ly to make losing a significant amount of weight one of her top priorities. It is kind of a privilege to be able to do that, even when it is also a necessity.

The best I could do was smile and listen, which I was glad to do. She seemed like the kind of person that many find easy to ignore. The staff seemed to know her and be helping her do something, which made me feel hopeful.

I’ve said it before, but I really do appreciate the diversity at my gym. My old gym did not have nearly as many people who looked old, although I think it had plenty who were old but had paid good money to disguise the fact.

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2 Responses to Today at the Gym

  1. My gym, when I go for classes, is a community center and I think that greatly impacts the clientele. There is a huge diversity and lots of seniors, which impresses me a lot. No one seems to feel a need to wear fancy workout outfits or impress anyone.

  2. I love my gym for the same reasons (diversity and non-fancy). I have seen people younger than me working out…and folks probably more than twice my age as well. No one really wears anything fancy and I have never felt judged…even when I’m slinging this fat in all sorts of bizarre ways. πŸ™‚ Feeling comfortable in your workout environment is certainly vital. It gives you one less way to make excuses for going.

    I hope you have the kind of experience with your new trainer that I have had with mine so far. I absolutely *LOVE* Denise and I am thankful to have her on my team. πŸ™‚


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