Chain Restaurant Challenge

Road trip!

I’ve got to head out for work for a couple of days, driving across rural Texas. In the best case scenario, this means finding a couple of really great bbq joints that do wonderful things with chicken and don’t muck up their coleslaw with too much mayo. In the most likely scenario, this means chain restaurants.

Eating challenge accepted. I’ll of course be packing as many healthy snacks as I can fit into my luggage without making my travel companion think I’m trying to polish off the leftovers of a Y2K survival kit.

Let the games begin!

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6 Responses to Chain Restaurant Challenge

  1. Good luck! Road trips are one of my down falls but I need to conquer them so I can do more.

    • Andie says:

      We did one just a few weeks ago, and although I was itching for it, I managed to resist the usual permasnack mode. I am glad yogurt is portable, because the gas stations & convenience stores of rural Texas DO NOT stock low-fat Greek yogurt. Jerky, check. Homemade baked goods you wouldn’t believe, check. It makes for treacherous bathroom breaks.

  2. You will be so beyond fine on this trip, heading out armed with healthy snacks and meal plans of sorts. Good luck! Also, Y2K survival kit? Best cultural reference on a weight loss blog, ever. Ever.

    • Andie says:

      😀 I also sometimes feel like I’m the only person without kids who travels with more snacks and bags than people who are actually responsible for multiple children.

  3. you can do it,can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says:

    As a gluten-free vegan I can 100% relate to what you are talking about and with the exception of my three “furry kids,” I have no children, yet I always have a bag or two full of snacks, protein powders, etc.

    Good luck on your voyage! 🙂

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