Chewing Over the Detox Decision

Day 2. Well, I’m officially out of ketosis, I’m guessing, because my nutrient breakdown yesterday was 40% carbs and 13% protein, which leaves a pretty hefty chunk of the day to fats, thanks to an olive oil and avocado-rich raw tomato soup. I’d really like some straight-up protein. Egg, cheese, yogurt, meat, whatever, I’d just like some, please.

Sunday, I ate like a pig, but mostly vegetables, so only got up to 864 calories (and roughly 1/3rd each protein/fat/carbs). Yesterday, with more oatmeal, quinoa, beans, avocado, and olive oil, I made it up to 1,043.

Today, grains with gluten are the category of food dropping out, which for me means no oatmeal. Quinoa is still OK.

I’m back to the weight I was, 163, before my rude 6-pound overnight gain last week. We’re theoretically supposed to be OK doing the same level of exercise we were before, but I’m definitely taking it way easy. Instead of my 30-minute jog yesterday, I walked 2 laps, ran 5, walked 1, ran 1, walked 1, and came back home.

A little something more that I learned at our detox kick-off meeting. I’ve heard before, but never known the science behind until now, that it really does make a difference if you thoroughly chew your food. Here’s why.

We start to digest food even before it enters our body when we salivate in anticipation of eating. Chewing is the next step. Saliva contains enzymes that not only start to break down the nutrients in food, but also trigger lower parts of the digestive system to get in gear, and even helps set up the satiety signals. In other words, if you gulp down your food, you won’t feel full as soon as you should, and you’ll eat more.

This nonprofit’s website has a nice explanation, but the bullets are:

  • Digestion starts in the mouth, both mechanically (chewing) and chemically (enzymes), so you need to give it time to get started.
  • Incomplete digestion, which can happen when you swallow food in too-big chunks, creates problems further on down in the process, some of which are somewhat unpleasant, and some of which just create extra strain on the system.

I’m enjoying the fact that I at least get to chew all of these veggies during the detox. Without some crunchiness in this regimen, I’d go bananas. I actually bought iceberg lettuce because I crave the crunch, even though it is probably lower than celery in terms of any nutrient value. I’m aiming for bulk in some of these veggies. Bulk and crunch.

[My fabulous nutritionist also clued me in on a wacky Victorian physician, Horace Fletcher. Read about The Great Masticator if you want to see how something scientifically valid can go from reasonable to fad. Like so much else when it comes to losing weight and eating right, moderation is the key.]

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5 Responses to Chewing Over the Detox Decision

  1. We like quinoa a lot, my husband and I. He made some for us for dinner last night, actually. Surprised me.

  2. So if I understand right, to help with digestion I should look at chocolate(just looking) after my meal to start the processus of digestion πŸ˜‰ Your saying that your taking it easy but I say you went there and you exercised instead of staying home so way to go!

  3. Shonnie says:

    I want that soup recipie.

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