Detox Update at the Dawn of Day 4 of 10

Seventy pounds gone, y’all.

I’m at 162 this morning, down from my all-time recorded high of 232 back in June of 2011.

For the first time in the journey, however, I feel really sluggish. I didn’t sleep well last night, and at first, I thought that was an anomaly, but then I realized that I’ve had to take an allergy pill (one that knocks me out) the past two nights because my allergies have been bad, and last night, I did not. Yesterday morning, and again this morning, I woke up with a giant frog in my throat, sounding like a pack-a-day smoker.

I’m also a little achy, from the tips of my fingers all up my arms and across my shoulders. On a hunch, I tried to put on my wedding ring right when I got out of bed. Until about 15 pounds ago, I couldn’t put it on first thing in the morning, but lately, no problems at all. This morning, couldn’t get it past my second knuckle.

Yesterday, forget about getting work done according to a reasonable schedule. I was sucked into a brain fog that matched the gloomy weather, stumbling over words, taking three times as long to type messages, and generally wandering around trying to remember what I was trying to do. I did manage to do four loads of laundry, which was not high on my priority list, but which made me feel like I was moving the ball forward.

And I have the face of a teenager again! Painful, giant pimples. Thank goodness my husband had the brilliant idea of scheduling a facial for the weekend, realizing before I did that a body ridding itself of toxins would be pushing some out through the tiny pores on our faces, because my skin is going to need it.

So yeah, I’m complaining, and I’m doing this to myself so have no real reason to do so. But such is the state of my detox.

Today, day four, we eliminate the remaining grains in our diet, and so are left with vegetables, fruits, and legumes, plus our “medical food” protein powder. I’ve finally managed to make that more tolerable by adding vanilla and almond extract to it.

I’m going to muscle through to the weekend, but I’m also considering moving a day ahead to days 5 to 7, which means eating only:

  • Cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts,
  • Raw greens (lettuces like spinach, romaine, endive, arugula),
  • Fresh apples and pears (except I cannot, as I’m allergic to them raw),
  • Canned apple or pear juice (no sugar added, which I can only drink if pasteurized, so I’m actually subbing some unsweetened cranberry),
  • Olive or flax seed oils and apple cider vinegar, and
  • Our protein powder.

Sounds like we’ll be gassy and cranky for three solid days, no? Maybe I’ll take one more day of legumes and see if I feel any better.

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4 Responses to Detox Update at the Dawn of Day 4 of 10

  1. I’ve often said how unfair it is that I have wrinkles AND pimples! Kudos on 70 pounds:)

  2. Shonnie says:

    Andie … I bet you have blown past me in your weight! YOU GO GIRL!!! 😀

  3. nikkianne says:

    70 lbs! So amazing! I need to chat up on your blog to get the details of your detox

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