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Changing the Foot Strike – Or Not

As my trainer suggested last week, I’ve been experimenting with modifying my foot strike while running, aiming for mid-foot/ball of the foot instead of heel. It turns out that I’m much better at rubbing my head and patting my stomach … Continue reading

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Body Attack! As in ACK!

Since I took Body Pump earlier this week, and liked it, I thought I’d hit Body Attack Friday morning. I really enjoyed Body Pump, in large part because we didn’t get all bouncy. The workout was no less intense for … Continue reading

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Trying New Things

That was today’s theme. Nothing was entirely new, but I definitely approached each with a new attitude and awareness. First, I ate a fast food sandwich for lunch. Now, of all of the ones I could have eaten, it was … Continue reading

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Don’t Think About a Giant Pink Elephant

Was it the power of suggestion, when I left a comment about my big fear of throwing my Fitbit into the laundry? Or, maybe the inevitable consequence of trying to be superwoman—work, laundry, groceries, errands, cooking, home maintenance, jogging once … Continue reading

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It Only Took Three Months To Get Through That Class

Yesterday, finally, I did a Body Pump class at the gym. I started with a 30-minute intro class, just the instructor and one other person who had done the class a couple of times. He walked us through the exercises, … Continue reading

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