It Only Took Three Months To Get Through That Class

Yesterday, finally, I did a Body Pump class at the gym.

I started with a 30-minute intro class, just the instructor and one other person who had done the class a couple of times. He walked us through the exercises, showing us the proper form, explaining what to expect. That made all the difference for me. We took a 15-minute break, and then, did a 55-minute class.

I did pretty well! I couldn’t do all of the dips, push-ups, or planks, and needed to rest before anyone else in the room, but I don’t really care about that, because I certainly did more than I would have been able to do a month ago. And, I actually did a few real push-ups, on my toes, as opposed to the modified ones on my knees.

This morning, I’m definitely sore, but not unreasonably so. My legs are worse than my arms, which tells me I made the right decision to go with the lightest weights for the lower-body exercises and to use just the bar for the arms/upper body. I felt no shame whatsoever being the only person using just the bar. I’ll get there—no one to impress, no need to overload myself.

I saw someone yesterday I’ve not seen since Christmas, and she called me tiny. That made me blush, but it felt good. Gotta keep it up!

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8 Responses to It Only Took Three Months To Get Through That Class

  1. abbi1977 says:

    WOOHOO!!! Congratulations!

  2. kalima123 says:

    PROUD – BE PROUD!!! This is a Huge accomplishment and you did it!! Next time will be a bit easier. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Once my ankle’s more solid, I’ll give it a try, too.

    • Andie says:

      I was surprised that it was less aerobic – by which I mean less bouncy/step-around-y – than I thought it would be. It was really squats and lunges while standing, although near the end, some of the lunges were more active. Don’t push it, but I bet you could modify and stay pretty safe once your ankle is a little better.

  3. Excellent! You should be proud of yourself…and, you’re right, you’ll get there in your own time! I’d love to take classes at my gym (and was planning on it), but I need to find out what’s up with my shoulder and knee before I go diving into anything new.

    Yeah for you!

  4. Fashion101 says:

    I just did body pump tonight for the first time in months. It is really hard. I had forgotten. Well done!

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