Body Attack! As in ACK!

Since I took Body Pump earlier this week, and liked it, I thought I’d hit Body Attack Friday morning.

I really enjoyed Body Pump, in large part because we didn’t get all bouncy. The workout was no less intense for not being bouncy: I was completely exhausted from the lifting, squatting, lunging, push-ups, and abs.

I guess I didn’t read between the lines on the Body Attack description, because this was high-intensity, high-impact aerobics. We didn’t use any weight equipment. Waaaaaayyy too bouncy for my taste.

I did as much as I could and modified the rest. I was worried if I did some of the higher-intensity moves that I’d twist a knee or roll an ankle. I’m just not at a place yet where I can jump back and forth into single lunges on alternate legs with grace and good form, and 8 days out from the first 5K I’m going to run since 1999 or 2000 (can’t remember which), I really didn’t want to chance it.

The dynamic in the class was a little odd, too. The first three of us in the room were totally new to it. In total, we had only 8 or 9 people, some of whom were clearly old hands at it, but from watching everyone else, I think at least 4 of us were completely new, and possibly 5.

I ended up front and center, because everyone seemed to want to hang around on the edges or back row, and it just seemed stupid for me to try to get back there, too. I wish some of the experienced folks would have stepped up front, as it makes it easier to follow when you can watch not just the instructor, but see people who are facing the same way as you.

Plus, even though we were in a huge room, with such a small number of people, we kept getting bunched up in little corners. It really didn’t help when I either went the wrong way or when I was concentrating on doing a move for the first time, and so not exactly traveling a huge distance while doing it, but someone else who’d already mastered it was able to move across a much larger area with it.

The instructor had energy like a triple espresso, but we weren’t really giving it back to her. I kept wondering if she thought we were all dolts, or if she didn’t really care or notice.

At one point, her mic died. We were trying to follow her but unable to hear, which really didn’t work so well, since the new folks were absolutely relying on auditory cues to know what to do. I like having loud, pumping music for exercising, but a quick downward volume adjustment on the boom-thakka-boom-thakka beats could have kept us going and allowed us to hear her unamplified.

I’d like to go back for more Body Pump, but I think I’ll skip any more Body Attack classes. I haven’t exactly been burning up to try Zumba, either, but was a little curious since people seem to love it. Body Attack makes me think I won’t be rushing to do Zumba any time soon. And, the weird dynamic of the groups (there wasn’t a great vibe at Body Pump, either, but it was easier to ignore since people don’t move around the room together) makes me think I’ll want to find a more supportive and kind place to try out yoga. This town is just lousy with yoga studios, so I’m sure I can find a suitable spot when I’m ready.

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5 Responses to Body Attack! As in ACK!

  1. Fashion101 says:

    the first time I did body attach I thought to myself ‘why have I just done that, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve every done with myself’. but, as spinning can hurt my feet (I used to love it but for some reason the teacher decided to do the whole class standing up, which isn’t good for me), I thought I’d try body attach as I know I don’t do enough cardio despite cycling to work every day (16 sets of traffic lights, says enough about resting; and no, it’s not interval training). Anyway, I’ve been back to attach a couple of other times as it follows a pump class. I did it wednesday and as we were running backwards someone ran into me and I DID SPRAIN MY ANKLE. I spent three hours with Drs afterwards. so your fears might be right. I’d say zumba is a safer option than body attack (not that I can now do either until after easter). zumba is fab though if you haven’t tried it.

    • Andie says:

      I was totally thinking about the person knocking you over & your swollen ankle the whole class! I’ll keep an open mind on zumba. I hope you heal quickly!

  2. I tried yoga several times before I liked it; I think where and the instructor play a big part.

  3. Body Attack seems crazy! Between this experience you’ve described and Eating for Fashion’s sprained ankle, “ack” is right. I’ve heard zumba is fantastic, too. I’ve been a little meh about trying it, but maybe I should keep an open mind as well.

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