Changing the Foot Strike – Or Not

As my trainer suggested last week, I’ve been experimenting with modifying my foot strike while running, aiming for mid-foot/ball of the foot instead of heel. It turns out that I’m much better at rubbing my head and patting my stomach while chewing bubble gum. I can’t seem to keep a sustainable pace when I’m striking further up on my feet. Overthinking seems to be getting the way, too.

It occurs to me since my race is THIS Saturday, perhaps I should not try to modify my form too much this week. I just need to get through Saturday with a reasonably respectable time, like 40 to 45 minutes, and then I can work on long-term changes. I think I’ll also go back to the running shoe store to see what they recommend shoe-wise, especially now that my first pair are probably showing some wear that might provide insight into my stride.

We watched a movie last night, and I decided to walk in place to rack up some extra steps. I went faster and faster until I was basically running in place, barefoot. It is noticeably easier to toe-strike when barefoot, which got me thinking about the barefoot/minimalist trend in running.

Maybe I’m old school, or maybe I’m chicken, but I don’t think I’m a serious enough runner to worry too much about how the equipment affects my performance. Certainly, I don’t want to injure myself, but I don’t believe that I’m ever going to be competitive, or even a daily runner. It may just be that I have a heel-striking, slightly bouncy running style, and I’ll do just fine.

Shoes or none, striking on any part of my foot, what’s really going to help is if I can get up off this lazy ass and actually GO EXERCISE. For some reason, I woke up this morning craving shepherd’s pie, so I’m eating it now. I made it with mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes, and it is just as satisfying. I can’t explain what it is about 75° temperatures that makes me crave something like this … seems like running will need to wait until some digesting can happen.

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One Response to Changing the Foot Strike – Or Not

  1. You are running a race! It is pretty amazing on it’s own so I wouldn’t worry about what kind of stride I have either 🙂

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