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Sixty Minutes

The first lap, I took it slow. Fifteen minutes in, I began rationalizing that thirty minutes would be a good workout. Twenty minutes in, I started to worry that allergy medicine was making me too woozy to keep going. Twenty-five … Continue reading

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I know there are no bad foods, but I’ve pretty much eliminated fruit juice from my diet. You know the accusations—high in sugar, doesn’t have the fiber that the whole fruit does, often has added sugar. I’m usually fine without … Continue reading

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Pushing Through

My posting has slacked, as life has gotten B-U-S-Y.  I need to sharpen my time management skills! I’m pleased to say that while my internet time has dwindled, I’ve been consistently making time for exercise. Today, I could only run … Continue reading

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The Bionic Woman

I’m gearing up to run. And by that, I not only mean that I’m getting myself in the appropriate frame of mind and putting on running clothes, but I’m strapping on and plugging in all of my gear. The Fitbit … Continue reading

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The Team Doesn’t Let Me Down

We went out for Tex Mex yesterday afternoon, and I was even thinking about eating nachos, but the team stepped up and helped me stay on track. It wasn’t a team member I was expecting, however—not my husband, nutritionist, or … Continue reading

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