The Night Before The Night Before

In college, we didn’t worry about sleeping well the night before a big race. I rarely did. The night before the night before, however, was the night we wanted to sleep well.

For me, that’s tonight. Thursday night before a Saturday 5K, the first one I’ve run since 1999.

The good news is that I’ve slept really well the past two nights. The bad news is the reason I have slept so well is that I’ve been zonked out on Alka Seltzer PM cold & flu tablets. Wow, those things are POTENT.

Yes, I went to bed Tuesday with a little fever, and stayed in bed most of the day yesterday. I did, I will confess, go to my weight loss group meeting. I’ve missed so many in the past couple of months, and we actually had a field trip, so I was determined to go. I hope I didn’t make anyone sick. I tried not to talk much.

Today, I have no fever, but also no voice. Great.

I must confess that I’ll be deeply disappointed if I am too sick to run on Saturday morning.

I got sick for this race last year, too, although last year, I wasn’t planning to run. In fact, I was really nervous about even walking 5K, which is embarrassing to admit, but there it is. I was worried I’d not be able to make it, would end up hospitalized, or have a heart attack. I had so much shame about my weight, and anxiety about my health.

Ironically, I was the captain of a team that grew to be about 30 members for the race last year, and raised over $1,000 from friends supporting the run; this year, I’ve just got one person on my team, and have only raised $185. (The race benefits the largest rape crisis/domestic violence support agency in Houston, an agency & cause about which I’m most passionate.) But this is the year that matters more to me.

So, a short post so you’ll know where I am and what I’m thinking, and now, back to bed. I do have to leave the house at least once today just so I don’t go stir crazy, and so I can get my check-in packet for the race. I think I signed up for an XL t-shirt, but suspect I should shop for a smaller shirt to wear in the race. All of my Size 3 (the plus-size women’s t-shirts are just 1, 2, and 3) t-shirts, the ones I still wear for working out, are really comically large now.

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