Running in Circles, Listening to Tax Policy – For Health?!?!

This week has been tough. I didn’t exactly bounce back to full strength at the gym after five days in bed.

Yesterday, it didn’t even dawn on me until dinner that I hadn’t exercised all day. I hadn’t made a conscious decision to skip it, I had just not been conscious of how I was spending my time at all. Whoops. At least I pulled it together for long enough to saying no to going out for Indian food, where I would’ve made some dubious nutritional choices, and convinced our gang to stay in to let me cook.

Today, we overslept (time change!), and ate breakfast out. Aware that I am supposed to be eating more carbs, and more calories in general, and also aware that it was morning, so I’d have plenty of time to go to the gym, I ate both a piece of toast AND hash browns. While this is hardly a binge of epic proportions, the fact is that I looked at a plate full of food that was clearly more than a serving, knew I shouldn’t eat it all, but did so anyway. At least I left one piece of toast behind, and logged the whole meal. Take victory where you can, right?

Before I hit the gym this afternoon, I suddenly got inspired to download some podcasts, something I’ve never done. I picked a couple of political ones plus an episode of This American Life, which turned out to have a political theme.

On the plus side, it kept me entertained/distracted, so I was able to run for 50 minutes. Yea! On the negative side, the whole middle section was an interview with an activist who CURLS MY TOES, so I got a little het up, and even found myself muttering responses to a few of his comments under my breath.

Of course, I was fairly out of breath, so coherent sounds were not issuing forth, just indignant huffs and pfffts.

I don’t know if I’ll do it every time, and I’ll definitely look for topics less likely to get my goat, but as I push myself to run longer, it just may help to download some longer pieces, possibly even some books.

I have to say that I started laughing pretty hard as I drove home, realizing I’d been running around a suspended 1/10th-mile track for nearly an hour while listening to a discussion of tax policy. Does anything sound more miserable?

I’m so excited that I’m at a place in my life when going for a long run while listening to a radio show about tax policy counts as a great afternoon! Yea, me!

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2 Responses to Running in Circles, Listening to Tax Policy – For Health?!?!

  1. LOL. Sounds like a good political discussion might just be the right incentive for you.

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