A Little Slip

Last night, my book club met. We have coffee and dessert, then discuss the book—and we really DO discuss the book!

I’ve been fine not having dessert for the past 8 or 9 months. It has been hard, but I’ve done it. A couple of times, I’ve had small bites, but mainly, I’ve just skipped the food.

The time change threw off my whole day, so I found myself scrambling to cook dinner just 30 minutes before the club meets. Fortunately, we meet around the block, just four houses away, so I managed to do a quick stir fry (red cabbage, spinach, and beef) just in a nick of time. I did not want to go into the meeting without food in my stomach.

It is HARD to eat cabbage quickly. It just does not lend itself to a fast meal, which is probably a good thing. Meals should be enjoyed slowly, not shoveled down, but I will admit that I was shoveling last night.

I came into our neighbors’ kitchen and saw a giant chocolate cake from one of my favorite local bakeries. Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

I was powerless to resist. Simply unable, even with a stomach full of cabbage.

I ate a piece, and didn’t even ask for a small piece. I just took what was offered, and enjoyed every last bite.

It is OK. I am OK. I was still under my allocated calories for the day, even after logging it. I drank tons of water before, during, and after eating it. And, after all, I’d been for almost an hour-long run just a few hours before the club met. I enjoyed it, savored it, but didn’t go back for seconds. This morning, I was only up 0.2 pounds over yesterday, which is pretty standard for how my weight fluctuates day to day.

If I eat dessert once a month at book club, that will be OK. Some months, I’ll probably be able to resist, or ask for a smaller slice of whatever treat is on hand.

I will say that I was up really late last night, positively vibrating from all of the sugar and cocoa in that cake! And my stomach wasn’t just sitting there being mellow, either. In fact, I think digesting that cake burned some extra calories.

Today, I’ve been back on my plan. I’m about to have some carrots and bell pepper for a snack, maybe with some hummus. Tonight, I’m having sockeye salmon and more veggies, then going for a walk with the dogs. I’m not going to force myself to exercise excessively, I’m just going to take it easy on myself, because that’s how life goes.

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3 Responses to A Little Slip

    • Andie says:

      The News from Paraguay. We all enjoyed it – we knew very little about the history of the country. Next month, Rabbit Run – oldie but (we hope) goodie. I love my book club, even without cake.

  1. J. says:

    one unplanned piece of cake without using it as an excuse to slide further seems like a success!

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