Quick Post – To Brag, No Less!

I’m about to get on the road for a quick trip out of town, just overnight. I’ve been running late all day, so was worried that I wouldn’t get to the gym. I prioritized having lunch with my husband so I’d see him before I left.

As we left the restaurant, I realized:

  1. I was already in my gym clothes.
  2. The restaurant is only ~2 miles from our house.
  3. A running path takes me half-way there.

So, a few blocks from the restaurant, I pulled over and let my husband take the car the rest of the way home. I ran about 2/3rds of the way, and walked the rest, because the humidity was wearing me out. And by humidity, I mean it rained a bit. Just a mist, which was actually more refreshing than when it wasn’t misting.

So, I’ll get on the road just about on schedule, with exercise checked off my list for the day! And, since I’m going to a rally and a museum, I’ll get some extra walking in tonight to augment what I just finished.

Thanks to all who’ve posted variations on the theme of none of us actually being SO busy that we can’t make time for exercise if we decide it is a priority. You got me to step up and get it done today instead of writing it off. Yea, us!

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2 Responses to Quick Post – To Brag, No Less!

  1. Laina says:

    Nice work!!

  2. well done. enjoy your trip

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