Up This Weekend

I’m up 2 pounds this week. It’s the first really significant gain that I’ve had since last June. The cake last Sunday night … Chinese food Tuesday night … a couple of other little slips … depressing how quickly it adds up. Whether it really adds up to 7,000 extra calories, however, I’m not sure.

I’m on my own this weekend, so I can try to get it all back on track without having to be tempted by eating out. This morning, I managed to get veggies back into breakfast with a kale/red pepper/onion/tomato side for my eggs. I also tried turkey bacon, but somehow, my microwave scorched the middle of each piece while leaving the ends totally limp, so that was a no-go, and probably just as well.

I haven’t been logging, and I haven’t been recording my weight. I’m just starting again today for the first time this week. Ugh. Oh well. I did run, almost every day. This, too, shall pass.

Last night, I picked up a huge pile of dry cleaning. (I save and take it on Thursdays, which is 2-for-1 day down the street – hate paying a $42 tab, but $84 would have been worse!) As I transferred stuff to my wooden hangers, I tried it all on. A few things fit well, and a few were a little snug, and one dress was sausage-casing tight.

Realizing that I have clothes I love but still am quite not comfortable wearing helped me get on the scale this morning and write down what I saw – 156. I’d really like to be able to say I’ve lost 80 pounds, so I’ve got to get busy on the next 4. Onward!

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2 Responses to Up This Weekend

  1. Fashion101 says:

    loving your clothese sizing rather than scale obsessing. 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    I am sure you will get back on the wagon, writing down what you eat. Just don’t overdo the scale hopping. 😉 Keep it up!!

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