The Team Doesn’t Let Me Down

We went out for Tex Mex yesterday afternoon, and I was even thinking about eating nachos, but the team stepped up and helped me stay on track.

It wasn’t a team member I was expecting, however—not my husband, nutritionist, or one of my fabulous blog friends. No, I got support, encouragement, and a boost to my willpower from our waitress!

We’ve been going to this restaurant for a l-o-n-g time, although not as much lately. She knows me and my parents, and will sometimes hook us up with a table even when the wait seems impossibly long.

As she seated us, she looked me up and down and said she could tell something was different. I confirmed what she was hesitant to ask directly, the fact that I’d lost weight.

She shared her own story of losing fifty pounds, slowly, by exercising and eating carefully. Don’t diet, she said, because that means deprivation. You need new habits, not a diet. She shared all kinds of encouraging thoughts each time she buzzed back by our table. It really made my afternoon, and helped me stay on track.

I came home, went running, and had fish and vegetables for dinner. I think that puts Sunday in the win column for sure.

Let’s keep this whole week in that column, shall we, everyone? Onward!

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4 Responses to The Team Doesn’t Let Me Down

  1. That’s super awesome, to find encouragement from someone you didn’t expect to. Thumbs up to that waitress!

  2. I love it when inspiration/motivation come when you weren’t expecting it (or from where you weren’t expecting it)!!! Having people pop into your life like that certainly helps make the road a little easier to travel. Way to go on an awesome Sunday! 🙂


  3. I’d say that definitely adds to the win column!! It is fabulous when inspiration finds you out of the blue like that! 😀

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