The Bionic Woman

I’m gearing up to run. And by that, I not only mean that I’m getting myself in the appropriate frame of mind and putting on running clothes, but I’m strapping on and plugging in all of my gear.

  • The Fitbit pedometer, which I charged this morning. It clips on my waistband.
  • The iPod, charged freshly synced with two new political podcasts, since that got my heart pumping so effectively the last time I tried it.
  • The Polar FT7 heart rate monitor, both the chest strap and very 80s/Swatch-esque wrist computer.

At least all of this technology doesn’t weigh me down!

I’ve had the heart rate monitor for a week, and I’m enjoying the new data. I don’t think I can say anything conclusive about the data other than 1) I can run pretty comfortably at ~85% of my maximum heart rate, and 2) it is much harder to get to my maximum, or even to 85% of it, on the elliptical trainer.

Other updates include the fact that I’m still hovering at just about 77 pounds lost. The middle 150s are really holding on tightly to me. I did another BIA, however, and have lost more fat mass/added more lean muscle mass, and did another round with the tape measure, which yielded lost inches in several places.

I’ve eaten two hamburgers—actually, cheeseburgers—in the past week, and the world did not end. One, I removed from the bun and dropped on top of a huge Greek salad. The other, I simply ate, bun and all. I also ate a coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate, and it was fabulous. All of this food fit into my eating plan and I was still within my calorie and carb/protein goals.

Also, I went for the last run outdoors until October or so. A couple of days ago, it seemed like a gorgeous day, so I went to the park with the 3-mile loop. I got around in 42 minutes, but I had to take several walking breaks, because it was too hot and too sunny. I’m a total wimp about the outdoors when it comes to exercise. I think others would mock me for saying that 80 was too hot, but it was. Also, it was sad.

The drought we had killed tens of thousands of trees across Houston, and devastated this park. A month or so ago, the first time I braved the outdoor run, they were clearing out dead trees, and it was depressing. Now that the clearing is mostly complete, it is even worse. Big mud pits (although mud, yea!, at least that means we’ve had rain!) and charred remains where the underbrush was just scorched and baked. There used to be much more shade along the running trail, but it is just gone.

On the whole, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m busy with work again, and have made two trips now up to the Capitol, both for work and for activism. I seem to be getting the hang of the newly-adjusted/higher calorie goals.

Eighty pounds lost, here I come.

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5 Responses to The Bionic Woman

  1. Great post. I love that you’re still eating real food and not regretting it. 77lbs lost is AMAZING btw. So don’t feel bad about the plateau. Try something new! The body likes being shocked into new exercise!

  2. sweetopiagirl says:

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  3. Amazing job reducing body fat and gaining muscle! That’s really the important thing now anyway, right? And I’m so glad you had the cheeseburgers and the macaroon. You’re actually a real human being and still taking care of yourself. HUGE motivation and source of inspiration for me!

  4. Isn’t it great all that technologie that we can carry around with us! You sound so full of motivation it’s energising me 🙂 Good on you!

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