Pushing Through

My posting has slacked, as life has gotten B-U-S-Y.  I need to sharpen my time management skills!

I’m pleased to say that while my internet time has dwindled, I’ve been consistently making time for exercise. Today, I could only run for 30 minutes, but I put everything aside and just did it. (That’s catchy, isn’t it. Maybe it should be a slogan …)

I do need a jump start, so thought about that while running. I’ve slacked on the non-exercise exercise that I was trying to be good about getting. While I get to the gym, I haven’t been walking the dogs much, or parking far from the door, or doing the little things that add clicks to the pedometer.

And, I have been eating out too much. No real excuse, because there is food in the house, but I’m slipping into the pattern of using food/eating out as a reward for getting through the day. Combined with business lunches … well, even if you make healthy choices, I’m not entirely convinced that restaurants don’t slather chicken breasts with butter, etc. before putting them on your salad. All these restaurant meals are surely the reason my weight loss has stalled.

Le sigh … I think this is one of those days when I’m just tired of having to pay attention to all of it. I know that will pass.

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2 Responses to Pushing Through

  1. hehehe, ‘le sigh’ is one of my favourite things to type/text.
    Don’t worry, just be aware and you’ll get back on track.
    I often find it a good idea to buy something expensive to force myself to eat at home. It is STILL cheaper than eating out, but if you buy a little package of smoked salmon for example, you’ll wanna stay home to eat it. 🙂

  2. heh I know that feeling. Some days I think my real goal is to get to a place where I don’t have to think about it every day I just do.

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