Sixty Minutes

The first lap, I took it slow.

Fifteen minutes in, I began rationalizing that thirty minutes would be a good workout.

Twenty minutes in, I started to worry that allergy medicine was making me too woozy to keep going.

Twenty-five minutes in, I wondered if the dull sensation behind my eyes was going to become a full-blown headache.

Twenty-six minutes in, I realized I didn’t have a headache.

Thirty minutes in, I figured I could make it to forty.

Forty minutes in, I wondered if the pain in my shoulder was a heart attack, then realized that chances were high that my heart rate monitor would have shown some fluctuation if that were the case.

Fifty minutes in, I smiled at someone sitting next to the track, and realized that I was kind of already smiling, and breathing much more easily than usual.

Fifty-two minutes in, I finally managed to pass a few other people on the track, but only because it was a family with some small kids who were doing cartwheels and stopping to peer down at the volleyball game below. I then picked up my pace so I could pass them at least one more time.

I passed them twice more. And a couple of them a third time.

Sixty minutes into today’s run, I realized that I’d gone almost four miles and run for an hour, so it was OK to wind down the workout.

I ran for sixty minutes!

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4 Responses to Sixty Minutes

  1. Great post about how sometimes the challenge is not as we think physical but mental. Our bodies are capable of so much more than our minds want us to believe.

  2. Congratulations!!!! I thought about this post yesterday when I was slogging along on the treadmill. You’re an inspiration!

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