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It’s About Health

I’m trying. I’m weighing myself, and the two-pound range I’ve been in has shifted up a step. What was the 155 to 157 range has become the 156 to 158 range. I’m going to get past this, but I need … Continue reading

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NSV: A Two-Row Hooker

That cryptic title that has nothing to do with prostitution or rugby. Hope you’re not disappointed. My non-scale victory of the week is that I went bra shopping Thursday. I’m down five band sizes from this time last year! More … Continue reading

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Well, Hell

OK, back to 157. This is the same two pounds. Here’s to hoping they’re gone again and forever next week at the weigh-in. Too much cake, too many carbs, too many calories is my guess. That at least makes it … Continue reading

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Sneak Attack

I did something last night that I’ve not done since the middle of June last year. I ate something that I didn’t want to eat so that someone else wouldn’t feel badly for eating it. I’m not going to dwell … Continue reading

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Advice & Encouragement

At a party last night, I saw a friend and neighbor I’ve not seen since at least last summer. He works with models. He cut to the chase: You’ve lost, like, almost 100 pounds. I defaulted to my usual answer … Continue reading

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