Three Months to Go

The weight loss program I’m doing lasts for three more months, so we talked this week about what we want to do to finish strong.

I’m going to aim for losing one pound a week. To do that, I need to have a deficit of 500 calories per day below my adjusted base metabolic rate. On days that I exercise (and burn 250-300 calories), I can eat ~1,500 calories; on days I skip exercise, I need to come in closer to 1,300 calories.

I’m going to have to focus on being more disciplined in three areas:

  • Logging my food more consistently so I don’t have calorie creep.
  • Not snacking on chocolate, even dark chocolate, because I’m rationalizing myself into bigger and bigger servings of it.
  • Avoiding trigger carbs—tortillas, chips, and bread—because I’m doing a bad job of sticking to a single serving size in any of those.

I also need to be sure to incorporate strength training into more of my workouts, even if it is only adding sit-ups, push-ups, planks, and squats into my day. The more lean muscle mass I have, the easier it will be to burn calories, and lean muscle mass only comes from strength training.

So, that’s the plan.

A pound a week seems slow, but that’s just in comparison to what I’ve been doing. Realistically, in the scope of getting to a goal weight I plan to remain at for a long time, it seems reasonable.

I’m totally grooving to this comment from Texas Cowboy Dancer, who really put my plateau whining into perspective:

We’ve all been at spots where our progress slows to a crawl. The trick is to not let a plateau turn into a decline. :-) After all, the ultimate goal is indeed, drum roll please.. a plateau! One where we’ve met our goal and we maintain it. Those intermediary plateaus are “recharging stations” where we rest and get ready for the next push toward our final goals.

So, I’ve just been recharging, getting ready for the next push.

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6 Responses to Three Months to Go

  1. Good job on finding your weakness and taking care of it! You are right, that comment makes you re-think the whole process. I should stop being so impatient and see it as a life journey, like it was suppose to be from the start. 🙂

  2. TresLaLa says:

    A pound a week will be awesome! You’ve come so far already, it’ll be impossible to lose much more than tht consistently. Once your whole program is finished, if you’re planning on counting calories, I recommend the Calorie King website. There re others that Fi similar things, but I find it easier to use. And the support / member challenges / education is invaluable.

    • Andie says:

      I’ll check it out – thanks for the recommendation. Ongoing support is just going to be critical, I think. It is one reason I like reading Laina’s blog, Keeping Off 200 Pounds – she is still working every day, and it is great to see someone role-model that.

  3. A pound a week is an excellent goal, and you can certainly do it. And I really like the Texas Cowboy Dancer quote you cited here. I love the idea of the goal of weight loss being a plateau. Maintenance is what it’s all about, ultimately! Plus, I mean, our bodies have to get tired, right? We’ve been losing weight for months now. You’re almost at a year, I’m a bit beyond a year. That’s a LOT of time for the body to constantly have to go to its fat stores for energy. I’ve been trying to think of plateaus as “breathers” on the marathon that is big scale weight loss.

    Great, thoughtful plan. Finish strong. Of course you will. You’re you.

    • Andie says:

      Thanks for believing in me – it is great all the time, but especially on the days when I’m not so sure how I’m going to swing it!

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