Mixing It Up

I am a creature of habit, so am really proud of how I’ve mixed up my exercise patterns in the past week.

  • This morning, spin class for 50 minutes
  • Sunday, 4.6 miles on skates (quads, not rollerblades) and a quick 1 mile run between holiday meals
  • Saturday, spinning on my own to a rather amped up play list that could benefit from at least one more cool-down song
  • Friday, a session with the trainer, focusing on strength training
  • Thursday, a full schedule with no exercise but plenty of hoofing it all over the place
  • Wednesday, an hour on the elliptical trainer
  • Tuesday, intro to spin class for 30 minutes
  • Monday, 45 minute run

I wish I could roller skate more often! Once the weather cools down (you know, next November, if we’re lucky), I may skate more often, but as I’ve mentioned, I have an intense dislike for the outdoors. Heat, humidity, sun, pollution, and pollen … well, it just isn’t pleasant.

I did check our local roller derby, which has a recreational league. The next boot camp for the league starts mid-May, and runs for six Tuesday nights. I’ve made a note on my calendar. I’m not quite ready to sign up yet, but suspect I might really enjoy it. I also made the discovery, thanks to Google, that several places around the country with more temperate climate conditions than the Gulf coast (although possibly more hills) have skating marathons. Hmmmmm.

I’m still really enjoying running, but as I’m unlikely to compete in any 5Ks for awhile (as they are run, natch, outdoors), and as my knees have been an issue for me ever since I ran hurdles in middle school, I thought it would be wise to get in the habit of cross-training so I don’t get injured or bored.

Wednesday will be my weigh-in for the week to see if I’m down a pound over last week. I’m also hoping that changing up my exercise routines will set me up for success losing the final 15 pounds.


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One Response to Mixing It Up

  1. Ashley says:

    Great job! I’ve been trying to mix it up a lot lately because my body was starting to get really used to my routine.

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